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How Soon Should I Book My Wedding Photography? | Connecticut Weddings Photographer Lauryn Alisa Photography

It happened... the moment you've been dreaming about your entire life.  The man of your dreams dropped down on one knee and asked you to spend forever with him.  You have to start planning a wedding!  The first question that I think every bride and groom ask themselves is where do I start?!

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5 Tips For Choosing a Wedding Color Palette | Connecticut Wedding Photographers Lauryn Alisa Photography

Color is one of the best ways to make your wedding unique.  Colors can make a statement and set the mood for the day.  To help you figure out the perfect wedding colors for your day, I've come up with 5 tips to help you with choosing your wedding color palette!

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The Wedding Day Timeline - 10 Things Your Photographer Wants You to Know | Connecticut Wedding Photographers Lauryn Alisa Photography

Creating a perfect wedding timeline is not easy.  There are so many people to please, and what seems like a lot to squeeze into an 8 hour day.  As a wedding photographer, I've seen both the good and the bad when it comes to wedding day timelines.  This is why I make sure to be involved in helping my brides and grooms set the perfect timeline for their day. 

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