Connecticut and Raleigh Wedding Photographer Lauryn Alisa Photography | Kara + Craig Engagement Session

Craig and Kara met while working for the same company.  They would go out and on fishing boats to observe them.  One night, Kara was stuck on an island when a boat she was on had to dock because of bad weather.  She was sad she couldn't come to the employee dinner so Craig promised to take her (and the rest of the staff) to dinner when she got back.  They bonded over the fact that they both went to college in CT and loved New Haven and Bar mashed potato pizza (yum, I miss that place!).  They started dating shortly after that night.

Craig describes his bride to be as loving, strong, and devoted.  Kara describes her groom as caring, sensitive, and determined.  They are both love spending time with their families, and one of their favorite moments was when they were named Godparents to Craig's niece.  Craig proposed to Kara on the Boston Pier.  She was in complete disbelief and he said it felt like an eternity before she said yes!  But she finally did and now they are getting married!

I was so excited when Craig and Kara contacted me about being their wedding photographer.  Craig is one of my husband Mike's good friends and we have known each other for a long time.  He is such a great guy and I was so excited to hear that he had found the girl he wanted to spend the rest of his life with.  Since Mike and I moved away a few years ago, I never had the chance to meet Kara until their engagement session.  Let me tell you, in the short time we spent together I can tell you Craig and Kara are perfect for each other.  They are such a fun couple and we had a great time wandering around Brandford, CT for their engagement session.  We went to Branford point and then to Stony Creek brewery. Even though the wind was bad we were able to get some great pictures and laugh a lot along the way!

I can not wait until next year when I get to be there capturing their big day up in Connecticut!  <3

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