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A wedding day is made up of so many different pieces.  In order for your day to run smoothly all of these pieces need to work together effectively.  Every bride and groom wants to make sure they are hiring the best vendors for their wedding day.  Lucky for couples in the Raleigh area, or really in all of North Carolina, there are so many amazing wedding vendors to choose from!

One of my favorite things about what I do is not just the photos I take, but also the amazing people I meet and the relationships I get to build.  While I may be a wedding photographer, I am also a lover of all things wedding!  So, to try and help out not only my brides and grooms but any bride and groom in NC, I’ve decided to start a little series called Community and Coffee where I share with you all the amazing wedding professionals I love so much!  I’ve been meeting with various vendors over the past few weeks, drinking some coffee, and getting to know them and their businesses a little better.  Now I’m ready to start sharing these fabulous individuals with all of you!

The first featured vendor in my new series is not just a great hair stylist, but she is also extremely passionate about the wedding industry and would be a huge asset to any bride on her wedding day!  Liz Perniciaro, owner of Wedding Hair by Liz, is one of my favorite people to work with.  Spend just 5 minutes talking with her (although I doubt this is possible because she is such a people person, 5 minutes always seems to turn into a couple hours!) and you will see how extremely dedicated she is to her brides and what she does.

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Liz started doing hair when she was only 8 years old, has been a licensed stylist since she was 20, and has been running Wedding Hair by Liz for the past four years.  One of the first questions I asked her, and something I’m sure most people wonder about any wedding vendor, was why weddings?  She said, there is no greater satisfaction than making a bride feel beautiful on her wedding day.  When they finally see themselves for the first time on their wedding day and get so excited, jumping up and down, giving you a big hug.  That is the best part of the job.  Liz also loves the relationships she has with her brides and their families, being part of one of the most important days of their lives.  She is so full of energy and has been known to step in and help out as much as needed, even going as far as watching the kids while the wedding party finishes getting ready! The whole wedding dynamic, getting ready, hair and makeup and all the girly girl stuff.  That’s right up her alley.

To add to that, another favorite part of working weddings for Liz is that every work day is different.  You get to go to so many beautiful places, see beautiful things, and it’s such an exciting work environment.

So what’s the difference in hiring Wedding Hair by Liz?  She has been doing it for so long she has seen it all.  She is a self claimed perfectionist and what’s most important to her is that everyone is happy.  In Liz’s words, everyone feels so much better when they are happy with how they look on a wedding day.  You can tell when a bride and her wedding party are comfortable and feeling like, WOW I look great!  It sets a positive vibe for the day.  Liz will bend over backwards for her brides to make them feel beautiful!

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One of my favorite things about Liz that I think sets her apart from the rest is how incredibly detailed she is.  She has everyone fill out a little questionnaire about their hair, send a selfie along with the questionnaire, and their hair inspiration pictures.  Every one of Liz’s stylists will get this information so that it’s pretty much like they already know you before they actually meet you!  They will know what products to bring and what is expected of them ahead of time so that everyone is prepared and to ensure the getting ready process runs smoothly.

Finally, I of course had to ask Liz what her favorite hair trend is right now.  She said she loves vintage style up do’s with a modern flare.  I also asked if there was anything she would advise against for wedding day hair styles?  She said keeping all your hair down is probably not the best idea because you are completely at the mercy of the weather and humidity can also be a big problem.

Liz is someone I always love working with.  She is amazing at what she does (I mean look at the picture below and how awesome of a job she did on our gorgeous model for the 1920’s shoot!), but she also is there to help out wherever needed and truly cares about her brides and their day.  If you are looking for someone to make you feel beautiful on your wedding day, Liz is the person to talk to!  Be sure to check out all the links below and you can always contact her by e-mail at




Some of Liz's awesome work on our 1920's styled shoot!

Some of Liz's awesome work on our 1920's styled shoot!