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It's finally here!  You're wedding day, the day you have been planning for almost a full year!  You wake up, ready to go, and with a million things on your mind.  As you start to get ready you can't help but run through the list of things that still need to happen.  Your brain is spinning and your inner thoughts probably sound something like this...

"The photographer will be here at 12, the bouquets at 1, the DJ needs to get into the venue to set up by 2."
"Did I forget my veil? I think I forgot my veil! Where did it go?! Oh right it's in the bridal suite."
"I hope the florist remembers to put the little signs I left there with the display on the bar."
"Will someone remember to pick up grandma and bring her to the church?"

... and on and on and on.  When one part of the day is complete, your mind starts gathering a list of things that need to happen for the next part and before you know it, the day is over.  It all flew by so fast and while everyone might say it was the best wedding ever, you can't help but feel a little sad that maybe you didn't get to enjoy it as much as you hoped.

Don't let this happen to you!  This is why you need a wedding day sidekick!


What is a wedding day sidekick you ask?  Well, simply put, a wedding day sidekick is someone you trust to help you on your wedding day.  Someone you can offload all those thoughts to ahead of time so you can relax on your wedding day, knowing that everything will be taken care of!

Let me pause for a minute to say, if you hired a wedding day coordinator (which you totally should!), then you can stop reading right here.  Your day of coordinator will be your #1 sidekick on the wedding day.  That is the reason why you hired them!  They will make sure your day runs smoothly and as planned, so you don't have to think about a thing!  If you aren't able to hire a coordinator for whatever reason, keep reading.

Your first thought is probably, who should be my wedding day sidekick?  Good question!  There are many ways to choose someone to help you on your day. Here are a few ideas to help you choose:

1. Think of someone in your life who loves planning and organization.  They are probably your best bet when looking for a sidekick and would probably LOVE to help with something like this!
2. Ask a bridesmaid! It doesn't have to be your maid-of-honor either.  Any bridesmaid can be your sidekick on the big day.
3. Maybe there is someone you wanted to include more in your day but couldn't have them as part of your wedding party.  This would be a great way to make them feel special and include them in something extra.
4. Choose more than one person!  You can have a few sidekicks if it makes things easier.  Spread out all the different wedding day tasks between more than one person!
4. Whoever you pick, make sure they are reliable and someone you can trust 100%.

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Once you've chosen someone to be your sidekick, here's what you can do.  The week of the wedding, take them out to lunch and hand over all the final details.  Things like the timeline, a list of vendors with their phone numbers in case of emergency, and any other small things you need to make sure get done on the wedding day.  On your wedding day, they are aware of everything thats happening and can make sure it's getting done as planned.  Now, I don't mean they have to patrol the entire day.  They just need to be aware of what's going on so for example, if the bouquets were supposed to get delivered at 1pm and it's now 2pm and there are no bouquets in sight, they notice it!  They can take a second to call the florist for an update or alert the appropriate person. It shouldn't be a crazy stressful job, and let them know you don't want them to take over the stress of the whole day.  You just need someone else who knows what should be happening so that you can relax and not be so stressed on the wedding day!

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I know what you're thinking now.  "Lauryn, that's such a big thing to ask someone to do! I don't think I can!"  You're right, it is a lot to ask.  But I can also tell you that so many people enjoy being involved in some way and will love feeling helpful. Most of your family and friends will be trying to find ways to help, so just let them!  You also want to make sure you thank your wedding day sidekick in a big way!  Buy them something pretty, or even better, offer to be the sidekick on their big day!

Far too often I see brides consumed with a million things on their wedding day.  It causes so much stress and doesn't let them focus on what really matters.  It's your wedding day, you should be enjoying every second!  So find a wedding day sidekick, drink a glass of champagne, and dance the night away knowing that there is someone on your side to help make sure the day goes as planned! <3