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When Jamie Podworski, the man behind JPod Films, first contacted me exclaiming his love for coffee, sweet treats, and telling a great story through his wedding films, I knew we would become fast friends!  We met one evening last week at a little coffee shop called Sarah’s Coffee in downtown Hartford and chatted about life, business, and of course our love for weddings and what we do.  The first thing I want to tell you about Jamie is that it only takes a few minutes of talking to him before you feel as if you’ve known him forever!  He instantly makes you feel comfortable, which is such an important trait in a wedding vendor!  

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JPod Films is a wedding cinematography company based in Boston, MA, but traveling throughout New England for weddings.  Jamie himself lives right across the Connecticut/Massachusetts border, outside of Springfield, MA, which makes it easy for him to shoot weddings in Connecticut.  Jamie has been in business for 10 years, but actually started his career in television! After college, Jamie got a job for a local TV station where he spent 10 years learning everything he could about cinematography and storytelling.  Eventually, with his family in mind, he decided to start his own business.  JPod Films was born as a company specializing in high school recruiting videos, but after shooting the wedding of a local football coach, he became hooked!  Jamie’s storytelling style was so unique, it immediately caught the eyes of brides and fellow vendors, and JPod Films grew from there!

All of JPod’s Wedding Films include two cinematographers, a documentary edit of your ceremony, special dances, toasts, and cake cutting, and your choice of a highlight film, short film, or feature films.  They also offer a variety of add ons such as an extra cinematographer, wedding trailer, and even a same day edit! (How cool would that be?!)

After chatting with Jamie and learning more about his business, I can tell you that his passion for cinematography shines through!  I’d have to say my favorite thing about JPod Films (and what I think makes them stand out from other cinematographers) is how they tell the story of the day in a way that makes you feel as if you are right there with the couple at their wedding.  Jamie does a phenomenal job of building in the anticipation before the ceremony, the emotion felt throughout the day, and the amazing energy that takes place after the couple says “I do”.  After spending entirely too many hours watching a bunch of their wedding films (seriously guys, these things are amazingly addicting!), I noticed that each one they create contains all these elements, but at the same time is still tailored to fit each couple and their different personalities!

So if you’re still reading this and haven’t left yet to check out JPod Films and get lost in an internet hole of gorgeous wedding videos, below is one of their wedding trailers for your viewing pleasure!  It was so wonderful getting to meet Jamie and I promise you will love JPod Films as much as I do!

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