10 (More!) Things You Didn't Know About the Girl Behind the Lens | Raleigh Wedding Photographer

One of my favorite things about being a Raleigh wedding photographer is building relationships. I love getting to learn all about my clients.  So it only seems right that I should share some fun facts about myself with everyone!  It's been about 6 months since I wrote my first 10 Things You Didn't know About Me post, so I think it's time to hit you all with another one!

1.  I started getting into photography as a teenager using my dad's 1970's Canon film camera (pictured below).  I loved everything about the dark room and watching my photos develop before my eyes.  Film is coming back full force and I can't wait to dive back into it at some point, hopefully this year.

2.  I'm a foodie.  I love going out to eat!  I would much rather spend money on a fancy dinner out than get a present for any holiday,  birthday, or anniversary.  The best meal of my life was on mine and my husband's one year anniversary trip.  We stayed at the Mountain View Grande Resort and Spa in the white mountains of New Hampshire and had a private dinner in the wine cellar on our anniversary night.  It was probably a 5+ course meal and the most delicious food I've ever had!

3.  My husband and I are also craft beer lovers!  It's been a lot of fun living in Raleigh, visiting all the breweries and getting to sample the different local beers.

4.  While I love a good beer, give me an amazing margarita and some chips and queso and we'll be friends forever!

5.  Mike and I actually had a destination wedding and were married on the gorgeous island of St. Thomas!  It was beautiful and everything I wanted for my wedding.  We had our ceremony in the sand, a few feet away from the bright blue water.  We danced the night away with our closest friends and family.  It was perfect!

6.  I watch entirely too much HGTV, especially Flip or Flop and Love It or List It.  I think I've seen every episode!

7.  I have a slight obsession with wedding blogs and magazines.  I could look at pretty wedding details all day every day!

8.  I love to sing but am not good... at all!  So that means a do a lot of car singing and if you ever pull up next to me at a stop light I'll be that person belting out some Adele from the driver seat!

9.  I'm a terrible writer.  I can have an entire amazing blog post idea in my head and it takes days for me to get it out and turn it into something fairly readable.  This is why I'm a photographer and not a writer!

10.  My middle name, Alisa, is actually pronounced A-Lisa, not like the name Alyssa.  So it's Lauryn A-Lisa Photography.  I've gotten so used to people mispronouncing it that I just answer to both!

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