How Soon Should I Book My Wedding Photography? | Connecticut Weddings Photographer Lauryn Alisa Photography

It happened... the moment you've been dreaming about your entire life.  The man of your dreams dropped down on one knee and asked you to spend forever with him.  Just typing those words right now made my heart flutter!  You are both on cloud 9 and basking in the glow of this special moment.  You share the news with family, maybe even go out to celebrate with your closest friends and pop some bubbly as you tell the story of how it all went down!  Eventually, things start to settle and one day it will hit you... You have to start planning a wedding!  The first question that I think every bride and groom ask themselves is where do I start?!

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There is a simple answer to that question.  Start with a date and a venue.  Your venue sets the tone for the rest of your wedding and once you find the perfect venue, you will be limited to their available dates.  If at all possible, you'll want to start the process of venue shopping as soon as possible since most wedding venues book a year or more out!  You don't want to miss getting married at the venue of your dreams because they have no available dates left!

So now that the venue is booked and you have an official date, when should you book your photographer?!  I've read wedding blogs and seen those charts on Pinterest saying you should book your photographer as little as 6 month before your wedding.  Yikes!

Once the date is set and venue is booked, the next thing you should do is find your photographer.

I know what you're probably thinking.  "Lauryn, you're a photographer.  Of course your going to tell me that!"  While that may be true, hear me out for a second.

There are lots of photographers out there.  Each one has a different personality with a different style and does things their own way.  It is so important that you not only love the style of the photographer you choose, but that you also mesh well with them!  They are the only person you'll spend the entire day with on your wedding day and who wants to spend the best day of their life with someone they feel awkward or uncomfortable around?? When you and your photographer click, it makes the entire day run smoother and the photographs a million times better.  If you're relaxed and comfortable, the photos will look much more natural!

Photographers can only book one wedding a day and some of them (like myself) will only book one wedding a weekend!  Just like venues, wedding photographers can book up a year or more in advance.  Trust me, you don't want to miss out on the perfect photographer because you waited too long to book someone.

So once the date is set, start working on finding a photographer.  At the end of the day the only thing you have left from your wedding are the photos to remember it by.  Make sure you find the perfect photographer for you to capture the day and have fun with through it all!   

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