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One of my favorite parts of being a Connecticut wedding photographer is being able to witness beautiful weddings come to life.  From the planning stages through the day of the event, there is so much work that goes into this day!  For some reason, when talking about wedding details and wedding planning, most people automatically reference just the bride.  While yes it's true, some grooms prefer to sit on the back burner while wedding planning, that is not always the case!  So whether you have a very involved groom who is right there planning with you, or one who prefers to just let you do it all, here are five ways you can include him in the wedding process!

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1.  Talk about the day with him before you start planning.  It's a common misconception that grooms don't care about wedding planning.  Once the excitement of your engagement has settled and you are ready to start planning, the first thing you should do is sit down together as a couple, crack open a beer or pour a glass of bubbly, and chat about what both of you envision for your wedding day.  It's a great place to start the planning process and I bet you'd be surprised how much your groom has to offer!

2.  Let your groom take the lead on a couple things he really cares about.  Maybe he has a super sweet tooth or is a big foodie - let him find your baker or caterer.  Maybe he loves music - let him find the DJ.  The final decisions should always be a joint agreement, but putting him in charge of finding a few vendors he loves and setting up consultations with them will let him feel included in the planning process.

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3.  Don't forget about the groom's details.  The groom doesn't have to just throw on a suit and call it a day.  Just like the bride can use jewelry or other touches to style her outfit, the groom can add some unique touches too!  Fun cufflinks, special socks, a really fun tie, all of these things will make your groom feel special on the wedding day.

4.  Include something he loves in your decor.  Does your groom love boats and fishing? Maybe you include some nautical elements into your day.  Is he a comic book lover?  Maybe you make all the tables named after superheroes.  There are so many fun and unique things you can do on your wedding day, why not make one of them especially for your groom!

5.  Surprise him with an awesome grooms cake!  I LOVE when brides go out of their way to have a special grooms cake made.  These cakes are always so much fun and are a simple way to include something the groom loves into your day.  You know your groom will love it because let's be serious here, who doesn't love cake?!

So there are this Connecticut wedding photographer's five tips for including your groom!  What are some other ways you can include your groom on the big day??  Feel free to leave a comment and help out other brides to be! <3