A Cheesy Love Story | Connecticut Wedding Photographer Lauryn Alisa Photography

I have a cute little love story to tell you.  Ten years ago, a girl and a guy became friends.  They had met at work and instantly hit it off.  They would stay up all night talking about anything and everything, spent a day in the city together to see the tree, went to formal together, and even met each others families.  They weren't dating though.  See the girl just broke up with her long time boyfriend and as much as the boy tried, she refused to make it "official".  He didn't give up though.

She was in college and heading back home for winter break.  The day before she left, this boy decided to make one last attempt at winning her over.  He was an english major, and loved to write.  So he wrote her a bunch of songs about their time together so far.  Since they shared a love for similar music, he also made her a cd of meaningful songs for her drive home (and the CD lasted the exact length of her drive).  It was adorable and one of the most thoughtful things anyone had done for her.  His plan worked, because while she was away from him, she realized how much she missed him and knew that she couldn't live without this boy in her life.

So two days before Christmas she went to visit him.  He took her out to a fancy dinner as her Christmas present and they had a great time.  That night, she decided to give him her own gift.  A few weeks before, they had watched Love Actually together, so what she did was give him a stack of papers somewhat copying the posters Andrew Lincoln wrote to Kiera Knightley in that famous scene.  At the end she asked him to "officially" be her boyfriend, and of course he said yes. <3

Ten years later they're married, have two kids, and are still just as cheesy and in love as they were on that day. <3 <3

(In case you didn't figure it out, this is my cheesy love story! Love you babe! 10 years together and it still feels like the first!)