2015 - A Look Back | Raleigh Wedding Photographer

It's the first week of the new year which means it's time to go over the past year, both successes and failures, make some new goals, and set myself up to have an amazing 2016.  I'm not gonna lie, this is probably one of my favorite weeks of the year.  It's an amazing thing, to look back and see how much has changed in just one short year.  2015 was a pretty fabulous year for me both on a personal and business level.  By far the best part of 2015 was welcoming our little Peyton Rella into the world!  She is such an amazing little girl and now that she's here our family feels complete.

On the business side of things, 2015 was a year of strategizing.  It took some time but I'm finally feeling good about the direction my business is gong and have put a plan into action that will help me have the successful wedding photography business I've always dreamed of.  I think my biggest success of the year was the overall increase in my confidence and trust in myself.  Instead of looking forward and thinking, "can I do this?", I'm now saying "I can do this... the question is how?". It is a liberating thing to finally feel like you are on the right path and I'm so happy I've found that place in my heart!

I'm declaring 2016 the year of growth, and I'll talk more about that next week!

None of this would have been possible without the amazing clients I had in 2015!  So here is a little look back at some of my favorite images from this year.  Thank you all for allowing me into your lives and letting me share this little piece of your story! <3