She's Here!

Well, we had quite a surprise this weekend!  Our baby girl took this Labor Day weekend to heart and decided to make her appearance 3 weeks early!  We were a little (okay a lot) unprepared for her arrival, but all turned out wonderful in the end and we have a beautiful little peanut home with us now.  Here she is...

Peyton Rella Thibodeau
Born September 5, 2015 at 11:15pm
6lbs 14oz, 20in Long

It was a quick and easy delivery.  Mommy and baby are both doing wonderfully and big brother Brayden is so excited to have his little sister home with him!  Thank you everyone for the well wishes!  We are all settling in at home, but for now here are a few photos I took at the hospital... as you can see little Peyton already stole her Dada's heart! :)  I'll be posting another update soon!