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Happy Tuesday everyone!  The start of Tuesday means we made it through Monday, which is always a good thing!  Today on the blog I'll be starting a series called Quick Tip Tuesday.  These post will consist of various tips to consider when planning your wedding or portrait session and will be short and sweet.  I hope you find some useful information!

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Consider the Time of Day When Planning Your Outdoor Wedding Ceremony

Outdoor wedding ceremonies.  They are one of a photographers favorite and, at the same time, least favorite things.  They can make for gorgeous photos, especially when a beautiful backdrop is involved.  However, photography is all about lighting and, at certain times of the day, the lighting situation might not be ideal.

I love a beautiful outdoor ceremony!  The key as a bride or groom is understanding the lighting situation, making the best of it, and setting your expectations in line with what you are working with.  My tip for all couples having an outdoor wedding ceremony is to talk to your photographer ahead of time.  Ask them if they have an suggestions for ways to optimize the lighting at the venue.  Find out how the photos are going to look and feel at that time of day.  For example, a ceremony shot in an open field at 2pm will look much different than one shot in that same spot at say, 7pm.

In the end, your photographer should be able to work with any lighting situation you throw at them and you will end up with beautiful images from your ceremony!  Good communication will just help make the process easier and ensure you are all on the same page.

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