Downtown Raleigh Engagement Session: Jen + Jim | Raleigh Wedding Photographer

Jen was ready for a fresh start.  She was moving to Raleigh, NC in a few months, so needless to say, when her friend Allie told her she just had to meet Jim and that he was perfect for her, she resisted.  This went on for weeks but eventually Jen gave in and went out to dinner with him.  They (of course) had a great time! Despite the fact that they both knew she was leaving, they started spending more time together and slowly began falling head over heels for each other.  As the days went on and her leaving got closer, panic set in until finally Jen asked Jim to come with her to Raleigh.  He of course said yes!

Jim couldn't leave his job for another 5 months, so Jen went down to Raleigh alone and he would join her soon.  It was the hardest 5 months of both of their lives, but in the end it all worked out!  They bought a house, and Jim proposed on the front step the day they moved in!  As Jen describes the moment:

"As soon as I got to the porch, he pulled out the ring. I had noooooo idea and was in complete shock. I always pictured my engagement as a little girl, and me being all pretty and it being perfect. I was sweating and crying and in a horrible lime green and yellow Root elementary school t-shirt. I was stuttering and sobbing and a complete mess. Jim had bought fancy champagne, but we didn't have an ice bucket so he had it chilling in the crock pot. We laughed and drank champagne on the floor. He wanted to bring me to a fancy dinner, but I had too much to drink (ok, two glasses and I was giggling uncontrollably) so we ordered pizza (which is much more us) and just hung out."

When I first met Jen and Jim for their engagement session, they were exactly as I pictured them. Fun loving, constantly laughing with one another, finishing each others sentences, and just so happily in love!  Their energy is contagious and I absolutely loved working with them. They have big hearts and are passionate about animal rescue, and have four adorable dogs that they love just as much as they do each other.  They are the type of people you meet and instantly want to be best friends with them!

We met in downtown Raleigh for their engagement session.  It was a perfect evening!  We started in the Raleigh warehouse district and ended at the Boylan Bridge with a beautiful view of the Raleigh skyline at sunset.

Jen and Jim really are perfect for each other, and anyone spending five minutes with them can see that.  I only wish they were having a Raleigh wedding so I could be their photographer!  They are going to have a beautiful life together, and I am so lucky I got to photograph this piece of their love story!