How to Make Your Wedding Unique: Part 2 - Think Outside the Box | Connecticut Wedding Photographers Lauryn Alisa Photography

In general, weddings are all pretty similar.  There’s a ceremony, food, reception, and dancing.  When planning their wedding, every bride and groom should take a second to ask themselves “what makes our wedding different from all the rest?”.  A couple of weeks ago I wrote a post about how details can set your wedding apart from the rest.  For my second post on how to make your wedding unique, I'll be taking a look at how you can think outside the box to come up with some fun ideas that will make your wedding stand out! Thinking outside the box when it comes to your wedding can be tough!  With a little tool called Pinterest, we have access to so many real wedding ideas, it almost seems as if everything has been done already.  I've come up with a little exercise for brides and grooms to help them think outside the box when it comes to their wedding day.  First, start off by breaking down your wedding day into all the major pieces.  Then, think about the weddings you've been to and write down the way they approached that piece of the wedding.  Finally, now that you have a list in front of you of all the things you've seen before, brainstorm your own list of things you have never seen before but that you think could be a lot of fun to add to your wedding day.

To help you out, below I'm going to break down a wedding into each major part and give you some ideas on how to think outside the box!

1.  Venue - This is an important one.  The venue sets the tone for the entire day.  Write down the venues that you have been to quite a few times.  Now think up some other places that could make a great wedding venue (even if you've never heard of someone having a wedding there!).  Are there local parks that you have a special connection too? What about an old building or historic house? A family farm? Maybe even a great restaurant that you love?  The options are endless!

2.  Food - A lot of times the food goes along with the venue, but there are still ways to make it different.  Maybe, instead of a sit down dinner, you decide to do more of a cocktail reception with lots of amazing hors d'oeuvres.  Maybe you're a more casual "bar food" type of couple and offer nachos or a great burger as the meal.  Food is a great way to showcase your personalities, so don't brush it off so quickly.

3.  Attire - You can have a lot of fun with what to wear, and this is a great place to make your wedding unique.  You could let your bridesmaids pick their own color dresses.  Maybe the guys just wear vests instead of a full suit.  The bride could shock everyone and walk down the aisle in a full color dress!  The options are endless here, and it's your wedding so you can go as traditional or unique as you like.

4.  Decor - I've already touched on this in my post It's All in the Details, but the overall decor and details of a wedding are what really makes it stand out.  Come up with some details that show off you and your fiance's style and personalities.  The littlest detail can make a huge impact on your guests.

Finally, I want to add that just because you've been to a venue before or seen something done already doesn't mean that you have to rule it out completely.  This is your wedding and if the venue, food, attire, or decor fits your personalities, go for it!  You do not have to make every aspect of your wedding different from the rest.  The point of this post and exercise is to help you identify fun ways you could make your wedding unique. It's then up to you to pick and choose which ideas you want to follow through with.

I know it might sound like a tedious task, but just doing this exercise can get your brain working and get you excited for planning your big day.  It will make you want to put in the extra effort to come up with something out of this world that your guests will love!

Happy planning! <3