Guess what?!

We're having a baby!!  Baby T #2 will be arriving at the end of September and all of us are so very excited to welcome our new addition to the family.  Brayden can't stop talking about his baby brother or sister who is in mommy's belly! I will be 15 weeks tomorrow and so far this pregnancy has been very different from my first.  With Brayden, I felt great throughout the whole 9 months.  This time around, baby kept me feeling pretty sick for the first few weeks (which explains why it's been so quiet around here lately), but thankfully the second trimester has me feeling MUCH better.

So, I'm sure you're wondering, what does this mean for all my wonderful clients?? As far as weddings go, I'll be shooting weddings through the end of June, and then picking back up in November.  I'll be planning to take all other types of sessions through August.  September will be on a case by case basis, depending on how I'm feeling.  Finally, I'll be taking the month of October off and starting up again in November (maybe with some fall family mini's?).

If you are interested in a session sometime before I go on leave, don't hesitate to contact me ASAP!  My months of May and June are almost ALL filled up. It is never too early to book your session!

The spring is bringing some beautiful weather and I'm so excited for everything to pick up over the next few months!

For now, I'll leave you with some adorable pictures of big brother Brayden looking at a picture of his new baby brother or sister!

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