Oswalt Wedding at All Saints Chapel | Raleigh Wedding Photographer

"Live a life less ordinary with me.  Live a life extraordinary with me" - Carbon Leaf Kelsey and Kevin are perfect for each other.  They love sports, to travel and see new places, but are also happy just relaxing at home playing games.  From the moment I met them I could tell that they balanced each other out, they truly complete each other.  It was such an honor to be a part of their wedding day.

Their wedding took place at All Saints Chapel in Raleigh and was filled with amazing details, many of which the bride created herself, and both of their personalities just shined through!  Despite the fact that it was a frigid high of 32 degrees on their wedding day, they fought through the cold and we had so much fun!  Their bridal party was full of big personalities, their guests were all ready to party, and everyone danced the night away until they were kicked out.

I wish Kevin and Kelsey all the best in their new adventures together!

Venue: All Saints Chapel Catering: Empire Eats Catering DJ: Anything Music DJ Officiant: Jason McKenzie Cake: Party Delights Hair: Britt Cregan Makeup: Nicole Nelson Photographer: Lauryn Alisa Photography Second Photographer: Niki Matthews-Wilbanks

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