Week 7 - Project 52 | Raleigh NC Lifestyle Photography

Welcome to week 7 of my Project 52!  For those that may be new to my blog, I've been capturing photographs of my family on a weekly basis and posting here every Sunday (here is week 6 in case you missed it!).  This week, NC had a rare snow storm that dropped 5 inches of snow and a layer of ice on us and kept us locked up in our house for two and a half days.  While I was going to use my snow images from my week 7 post, since I had already posted all of those images for everyone to see, I decided to use some other images I captured during our days at home together. I was trying to come up with something fun to do and after scanning Pinterest for some ideas, we decided to make cloud dough!  For anyone who has a toddler and hasn't made cloud dough, you need to get on it!  It's so easy and fun to play with.  All you need is flour and oil (any kind of oil, we used vegetable but I hear baby oil is the best since it smells so nice).   The recipe called for 8 cups of flour and once cup of oil, but we cut it in half to 4 cups of flour and 1/2 cup of oil.  You know that perfect, powder soft, white sand beach?  Well that's exactly the kind of sand that could dough feels like!  We put it in a big tub and he had a blast.  His favorite thing to do was to drive his monster trucks through it.  I made ramps and bumps and he took his trucks "off roading".

Raleigh NC Lifestyle Photography Raleigh NC Lifestyle Photography Raleigh NC Lifestyle Photography

He played for a while and once he got bored with it, he decided to have some fun riding his motorcycle around the house in his diaper, covered in flour!  But he was too cute I just couldn't resist snapping some pictures before cleaning him up.

Raleigh NC Lifestyle Photography Raleigh NC Lifestyle Photography


We had a fun few days being snowed in! :)  Hope you enjoyed!

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xo Lauryn