Week 6 - Project 52 | Raleigh, NC Lifestyle Photographer

So it's week 6 of my 52 week project (here's week 5 in case you missed it).  This week, my little guy was all about coloring.  He colored a bunch of Valentines and was loving using his new box of crayons he got from his Auntie Jamie.  Without fail, every time he went to play with something else and I cleaned up the crayons, he'd come running back over saying "color! color!" until I set it all up for him again.  Maybe he's going to be a creative one like his Mama.  :) Raleigh NC Lifestyle Photography

It's tough work picking out the perfect color crayon!

Raleigh NC Lifestyle Photography

Of course the orange one is his favorite!

Raleigh NC Lifestyle Photography

Thinking hard with that little tongue sticking out!


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