Week 2 - Project 52 | Raleigh, NC Family Photographer

So it's week two of my Project 52 (in case you missed it, here's week 1) and I am so happy with the way this weeks images turned out.  This project is all about capturing the little moments in everyday life.  It's not about perfect images.  I just want to capture our family or our everyday life as it is so years from now, we can look back at all of these posts and remember what a wonderful year it was. My little guy LOVES running around the house and hiding on us then revealing himself.  He will do laps around the kitchen island and go hide on the other side until we start looking for him, then come running out as we cheer for him.  The other day daddy switched it up a little and started chasing him around the island and creeping up behind him.  Brayden was having so much fun trying to find daddy who would disappear on the other side of the kitchen and then sneak around to surprise him.

It was a night filled with lots of laughs (which is always such a blessing after a long day at work) and I'm so happy I was able to capture it so perfectly!

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Hope you enjoyed! :)

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