Week One - Project 52 | Raleigh, NC Family Photographer

One of my personal goals for this year was to do a 365 project.  I wanted to take one photo  every day for a year.  Well, January first came and I realized that with everything going on right now, this goal wasn't very realistic.  So instead, I decided to switch it up a bit and do a 52 week project instead.  Starting this week, every Sunday for the next year I'm going to post a some photos I took during the week of my family.  Sometimes it might be a bunch of pictures, sometimes it might be just one.  I'm exciting to see how much changes over the next 52 weeks and to have all the exciting (and not so exciting) moments documented. So here it is, week one!  It's week one of the NFL playoffs and we're all ready to cheer on daddy's team, the Bengals!  These three images were all taken this morning, as we wait for the game to begin.

Week 1 - Looking out window

My little guy looking out the window this morning.  He's been stuck inside all day since it's way too cold to go outside and play.  He was knocking on the window saying "Hi Car!" to the car that drove by.  :)

Week 1 - waiting for the game to start

Here's Brayden all ready for the game to begin.  I think he's finally caught on to me.  I sat there for 10 minutes trying every trick in my book to get him to look at me and he purposely avoided all eye contact.  He would not look at the camera and as soon as I gave up, figuring this adorable image would suffice, he looked right over to where I was sitting and said "Hi mama!"... of course!

Week 1 - football

Dada and Brayden playing with the football before the game.  Dada's been nervous all day but hopefully our little man will bring his team some luck!  They both have their lucky socks on today!

Hope you enjoyed! xo Lauryn

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