Football... errr attempted football photo shoot?

Baby Football Portrait

So I learned two things this week.  1. My son is VERY mobile.  2.  It is impossible to take photos of a mobile 8 month old by yourself.  I was itching to take pictures of my little man and had the brilliant idea of putting on his football jersey and taking some cute pictures of him with his stuffed football.  A quick impromptu baby photo session!  Fabulous idea!  Right?  Wrong.  If only it were that simple. It started with me getting him, my camera, and the props all set up.  Easy.  Then I put my camera down right in the spot I was planning on taking the pictures from so I could quickly pick it up and start snapping once I got him into place.  Brilliant!  Well, I sat him down next to his football grabbed the camera and by the time I turned around to get a shot, he was crawling behind me laughing hysterically like we were playing some sort of game of tag.  While this was absolutely adorable, I just wanted to get a few good photos!  He looked so cute!  So I tried putting him down and keeping my hand on him while I reached for my camera and turned around before letting him go.  This worked for a quick second before he was scooting away again.  It went on like this for quite some time and ended when he (gently!) fell over, (very lightly!) bumped his head and started crying.  Add the dog running in and out and lets just say it was exhausting.  He did have fun though while it lasted (and I got a nice work out, I was sweating by the end of this!).  I managed to get a few good pictures out of it which I'm happy about, but we will just have to try this again when daddy is home to be in charge of baby and dog while mommy snaps the pictures.  :)

Here are the couple of cute ones! (and another adorable one from the other day that was just too cute I had to include it)

Yes I know, Carson Palmer is no longer on the Bengals.  Unfortunately, this is the only baby jersey in this household that semi-fits him.   It doesn't really matter though, he's going to be a Giants fan when he grows up (sorry hubby!).  I really wanted to put him in his Giants jersey but that one is way to small (considering he wore it during the playoffs and Superbowl 7 months ago).

Hope you enjoyed!